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An eccentric avant-garde Renaissance man – the mixture of terms and definitions, which Evgeny Avetisian aims to achieve as his career goal. Working in various fields of creativity, his main focus is mostly on Fashion Design for both women and men wardrobes. There are also many projects in the domains of object and furniture design, as well as fine arts, publishing and wine making.

Short Biography

Born in Kaliningrad, USSR on September 1st. The small town which is formerly known as Königsberg and famous for being the motherland or primary residence of such creative individuals as the mathematician Christian Goldbach, the writer E.T.A. Hoffmann, the philosopher Immanuel Kant, as well as the nobleman and raconteur Baron von Münchhausen. The area also played a tragically historical role during the Second World War, and has always been an important marine trade destination.

The international existence startes immediately with residency registration in Leningrad, USSR, then later a move to Eastern Europe. After collapse of Soviet Union, Kirnev-Avetisian family settles down in Budapest, Hungary, where Evgeny is raised until his teens.

In the first years of 2nd millennium Evgeny moves to Paris, France, to pursue his interests in Fashion Design and Art Education, which he has always showed since a very early age. Graduating from Esmod International in womenswear design and couture, as well as taking art classes at Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Evgeny launches into the creative career assisting the design team of John Galliano, working alongside such inspiring and renown designers as Steven Robinson, Bill Gaytten and Elisa Palomino for both fashion houses of Christian Dior and John Galliano. Later Evgeny moves to work under the artistic direction of Paulo Melim Andersson and Vanessa Bellanger in the the french fashion house Chloe.

In a meanwhile Evgeny realises a series of various fashion accessories and other independent fashion projects, and also contributes to fashion mass production companies in the segments such as jeans and denim, as well as fast fashion. Participates in most important European fashion fairs as both exhibitor and buyer, to note few: such as Première Vision for textile and primary materials sourcing, as well as Who’s Next Paris (Premiere Classe) and Bread&Butter Berlin for collection presentations.

A serious dedication to fashion industry also enhances Evgeny’s interest towards Art activities, which leads to some fruitful exhibitions in the gallery district of St. Germain area in Paris. A number of experimental events are also organised, such as art exhibitions in abandoned heavy industry factories or “illegal” audio-visual performances and gatherings. This practice leads to encounters and productive relationships with important contemporary artists, such as Mihail Chemiakin, Kőnig Frigyes and Marton Romvari.

In 2010 Evgeny establishes his own studio retreat for fashion, design, photography and art. And as a result in 2011 his own avant-garde fashion line BiTS labo is launched, which has been developing successfully ever since. Now stocked by some avant-garde fashion multibrand stores, such as Number 4.

From 2013 Evgeny lives in Hong Kong and continues working as an artistic director within fashion industry, as well as contributes to Pace Gallery Hong Kong.

From 2014 Evgeny moves to Middle-East to work as a Senior Designer for a market leading High Street Fashion Brand – RIVA.

From 2016 Evgeny moves back to Hong Kong and lives between Hong Kong SAR and Guangzhou China, and works on his eponymous avant-garde fashion brand – Ad Astra | www.adastrastores.com

In a mean time Evgeny continues his evolution and studies. In 2015 he obtained an art history certificate from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Currently Evgeny is also giving conferences to Chinese public on artistic and creative topics.


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